Artificial intelligence rides the wave of cloud computing

The effect of Artificial intelligence on our future is still unclear. Will we end up in a Matrix-inspired dystopia where machines rule the world? Will humans work in perfect harmony with their robot creations to deliver a perfect future? In reality, the relationship between AI and cloud computing is still in its infancy. The potential for their interaction is enormous, however, and combining the huge data sets of AI platforms with the sheer processing power of decentralised computing engines could realise some concepts usually restricted to Sci-Fi.   Take the example of American TV network C-SPAN and its work with the sheriff’s office of Washington County in Oregon. Using AI image-recognition software combined with cloud technology, C-SPAN can identify unknown Congresspeople speaking on the floor of the Senate, while Washington County quickly processes photo tips to find background data on them. And IT industry leaders are beginning to become aware of the huge scope of these developments. A Cowen and Company study into how AI could revolutionise enterprise software found that 81 per cent of IT leaders are currently investing in – or plan to invest in – AI and machine learning.  The report, which collects the opinions of 146…

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