Artificial-intelligence startup supplies hardware, software expertise

BOULDER — A new tech startup is looking to blend software and hardware expertise for the artificial-intelligence industry. Boulder AI is founded by Darren Odum, who has 10 years of experience in consulting on AI technology. In his time consulting, Odum realized that much of the equipment — particularly cameras used for computer vision and learning — worked well in a lab, but wasn’t real-world ready. “I discovered a need for a camera that is robust for the real world,” Odum said. “All of the AI-capable cameras today aren’t really cameras; they’re a whole system of pieces and components. As the environment gets more and more harsh, that challenge becomes more difficult.” So Boulder AI looked to transcend that, developing its own camera enabled with deep learning and deep neural networks, that was also capable of being used in the field. Darren Odom, founder of Boulder AI That hardware capability is partnered with the experience and expertise Odum and his team of two other AI experts have in AI software development to set the company apart from other artificial-intelligence firms. “The main thing Boulder AI can bring is its own hardware and experience to the table,” Odum said. “A lot of consultancies…

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