Artificial Intelligence to Get Tech Nannies

Amazon, DeepMind/Google, Facebook, IBM, and Microsoft have announced a partnership to address the benefits and challenges associated with artificial intelligence. All five are deeply involved in artificial intelligence research. For example, Amazon offers web developers machine learning capabilities and sells the Echo, a voice-controlled, personal robot. Google has DeepMind, the machine that processes information like the human brain. IBM has Watson. But like all intelligence, the artificial kind falls along a spectrum. At the bottom is weak A.I. (or narrow A.I.), which is a non-sentient program focused on a narrow task. Think of Apple’s Siri. RELATED: ‘Ex Machina’: Science vs. Fiction At the other end is strong A.I. (also called full A.I. and artificial general intelligence). It doesn’t exist yet, but If it did, it would have the full range…

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