Artificial intelligence to uncover human biases

IMAGE: Artificial intelligence detects discrimination and diversity in the large corporations. view more  Credit: Insilico Medicine Since 2015 artificially-intelligent systems surpassed human accuracy in many tasks including image recognition, voice recognition, autonomous driving and strategy games such as GO. Early experiments such as Beauty.AI beauty contest developed by Youth Laboratories and Aging.AI predictor of chronological age developed by Insilico Medicine uncovered the various biases with the AI systems as well as the many opportunities for using AI to detect and report human biases. Advances in artificial intelligence and specifically in the fields of deep learning and reinforcement learning present the many threats and opportunities. “Bias, be it race, sex, age or any other type, is a hugely contributing factor that shapes science and society. This paper is important, not only because it demonstrates the apparent and permeating prejudice that exist in executive boards around the globe, but also because it shows how AI and deep learning can visualize bias in complex systems.”, said Morten Scheibye-Knudsen, MD, PhD, Center for Healthy Aging, University of Copenhagen. Scientists from diverse backgrounds ranging from computer science to genetics from Youth Laboratories, University of Copenhagen, University of Virginia, Insilico Medicine and University of Oxford started series…

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