Artificial Intelligence tunes Azure SQL Databases

Automatic tuning To stay competitive, today’s businesses need to make sure that they focus on their core competencies that directly deliver customer value while relying on their cloud provider to offer an affordable, reliable, and easy to use computing infrastructure that scales with their needs. In the world of cloud services, where many aspects of running the application stack are delegated to the cloud platform, having artificial intelligence to manage resources is a necessity when dealing with 100,000’s of resources. Azure SQL Database is continuously innovating by building artificial intelligence into the database engine to improve performance, reduce resource usage, and simplify management. The most prominent use of artificial intelligence is the automatic tuning feature that has been globally available since January 2016. Automatic tuning uses artificial intelligence to continuously monitor database workload patterns and recognize opportunities to improve the database performance. Once confidence is built that a certain tuning action would improve the performance of a database, the Azure SQL Database service automatically does the tuning action in a safe and managed fashion. The service monitors each tuning action and the benefits to performance are reported to the database owners. In the infrequent case of a performance regression, the…

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