Artificial intelligence will do the teaching in 2041

“Advanced cyber-learning environments that involve virtual reality and artificial intelligence innovations are becoming powerful tools that can facilitate the explorations and conversations needed to solve society’s challenges,” said NYU engineer Dr Winslow Burleson. “Cyber-learning is an essential tool for envisioning, refining, and creating a utopian world in which we are actively ‘learning to be’ – deeply engaged in intrinsically motivating experiences that empower each of us to reach our full potential.” The researchers posit that the use of a set of integrated cyber tools will connect disparate groups and individuals, converging them in both a real and an imagined cyber-social-physical environment, for which he is borrowing the name holodeck. Burleson’s lab is currently working on a prototype form. Key aspects of the NYU holodeck are apparently: personal stories and interactive…

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