Artificial intelligence works its way into facial detection

The term artificial intelligence or AI, for short, which essentially involves computers being able to think and make decisions like a human, is becoming much more commonplace in the security industry. Over the past several years, a handful of companies have introduced AI solutions to the market as a way to provide end-users with more intelligent video analysis capabilities. AI also enables robotic technologies that have been recently introduced to the security industry to navigate their surroundings and make decisions as to what types of events require an alarm to be activated. On Wednesday, BrainChip, a relative newcomer to the security space, unveiled a new AI-powered software dubbed “BrainChip Studio,” which they believe will transform the way law enforcement and intelligence agencies use video surveillance to detect and classify faces. Not only does the software enable authorities to search large quantities of recorded video faster and more efficiently than most traditional facial recognition solutions, it also doesn’t suffer some of the typical limitations. For example, rather than needing high-definition video to make a positive identification, BrainChip Studio can use low resolution footage, requiring only a 24×24 pixel image, to detect and classify faces.  The software can also use video recorded…

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