Artists Make DeepDream Dream Deeper With Secret ‘DeepUI’ Tool

It was 1968 when Phillip K. Dick posited the question, “Do androids dream of electric sheep?” While we still can’t answer that with unequivocal certainty, we took one step closer this July as Google unveiled its DeepDream project. DeepDream uses a convolutional neural network to augment imagery through a series of algorithms. In the most basic terms it’s an artificial intelligence program that views images in order to categorise them for Google—a computer trying to bring order to the chaos of the mundane. But it’s sexier than it sounds, because in searching for patterns these computational visions create a kaleidoscopic pareidolia: ordinary images transformed by vivid colours, phantasmagoric pagodas, flora and fauna, hundreds of terrifying eyes and, err… lots of abstract dog snouts. Something which feels like a closer representation…

Link to Full Article: Artists Make DeepDream Dream Deeper With Secret ‘DeepUI’ Tool

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