#AskAboutAI: Learning to See and Speak

This month, Stanford launched a 100 year study of AI (AI100) with a report: Artificial Intelligence and Life in 2030. The 16 member study panel issuing the report sees increasingly useful applications of AI, with potentially profound positive impacts on our society and economy over the next decade. The study identifies eight domains where AI is already having or is projected to have the greatest impact: transportation, healthcare, education, low-resource communities, public safety and security, employment and workplace, home/service robots and entertainment. New to the subject of AI and its uses in education? Check out this Pearson video (and our review of their report): Over the next few months, we’ll be exploring developments in these eight categories and the implications for employment and education. This series, #AskAboutAI, will…

Link to Full Article: #AskAboutAI: Learning to See and Speak

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