Assistant App New Feature: Alarm Clock Now Offers Talking Alarm

If you are not a morning person (who is?) then waking up can be difficult. Getting your life together – e.g. checking your emails, getting weather forecasts, catching up on the major headlines – during dreadful morning hours is a burden.

A new Android only alarm clock app wants to ease the suffering. The alarm clock app – fittingly called Assistant – could change how you wake up and how you process information. Instead of an assistant, you have an app. Instead of a briefing, you peruse info during your morning routine. It streamlines your morning through artificial intelligence and machine learning to give you a curated experience based upon all the information you need for the day.

“We’ve seen massive uptake from people across ages, sexes and countries,” said CEO Ilya Gelfenbeyn to iDigitalTimes. “It makes sense: no one has enough time in the morning, so having something that preps you for your day while you get dressed is universally appealing.”

Essentially, the app will tell you about your daily schedule, important birthdays and weather forecasts, to tasks, news stories and horoscopes. Convenience counts, especially in the morning, so the app can be customized based on what you want to know when you wake up. Assistant speaks more than ten languages and offers more than 30 external services, the app’s latest feature is a talking alarm clock.

“Assistant is built with the conversational interface ,” said Gelfenbeyn. “The app gets better at understanding what people want as it gets more data. So for instance, the alarm may not understand the first time it hears “Damn I’m beat! Time to hit the hay” as a command that means the person may want to set the alarm right then. But as it interacts with people it picks up that that phrase usually means someone wants to set an alarm, and eventually it will ask the person who says that if they’d like to set an alarm.”

The app is voice and touch activated so you can go through the app to set your alarm, or you can simple give it a command. There are also several features that the app handles automatically. For example, if you have a scheduled vacation then the app will cancel alarms or if you have an early morning meeting, it will move up your alarm.

AlarmsThe Assistant now features a talking alarm. APi.AI

“Our users were the inspiration,” said Gelfenbeyn. “We launched the Talking Alarm because a chunk of our 20 million users said it was something they’d like. Assistant keeps people organized and on top of their complicated lives and the talking alarm now supercharges the mornings of the millions of people already using Assistant each day!”

When all is said and done, an app that organizes your day and starts your morning off with structure is one that can benefit night owls and morning roosters. With 20 million registered users, we can safely say most people agree.  

Source: Assistant App New Feature: Alarm Clock Now Offers Talking Alarm

Via: Google Alerts for AI

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