Baidu’s New App Can Give You A Diagnosis When You Are Sick

Baidu, the Chinese search engine behemoth, has released an app for personal health care that works roughly like a cross between Siri and WebMD.

Called AskADoctor in English, the new product is a deep-learning system that connects users with their doctors. Turn on the app, describe your symptoms verbally or by typing, and the program will spit out an automatic diagnosis suggestion. It then connects users with nearby medical specialists.

The app, available today in its desktop edition, is primarily aimed at the Chinese market. It is designed to eventually integrate electronic medical records as well.

Baidu was one of Fast Company’s picks for the most innovative companies of 2015. Much like American counterparts such as Google and Apple, Baidu has been stepping up its game on multiple fronts. The company recently entered into a partnership with Uber, created a Google Glass-type augmented reality device, and is currently in the middle of a large-scale expansion into deep learning.

Head over to Re/code to read more about AskADoctor.

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