Kaggle Scripts enable you to run R, Python, Julia, or R Markdown code directly on competition datasets.

The scripts run in Docker containers for simplicity and reproducibility. These Docker containers are automatically built from Kaggle’s R and Python Github repositories. If you’d like to add another library, make a pull request on the appropriate repository or ask us on the corresponding R and Python forum threads.

The script computations currently have the following restrictions:

Max execution time 10 minutes
Max file output 500 MB
Internet access Blocked
Memory limit 8 GB

Input data files are stored in the read-only /kaggle/input directory.

Your scripts execute with /kaggle/working set as the current working directory. It’s best to read the input files as relative paths (e.g. in R use train <- read.csv("../input/train.csv").

URL: baseline

Source: Google Alert for ML

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