Best and Worst of Neuroscience and Neurology – March 2016

In this article I present a selection of publications that came out in March. There were many interesting developments, both in fundamental neuroscience and neurology, and in the practical aspects of dealing with brain-related diseases and disorders. On March 20th, the scientific community marked the birthday of Erwin Neher, who received the 1991 Nobel Price in Physiology and Medicine for discovering the functions of single ion channels in cells. Together with Bert Sakmann, Neher developed the patch clamp technique that enabled the recording of the current of single ion channel molecule for the first time. The work contributed substantially to the fundamental understanding of nerve activity. THE BEST Alzheimer’s–preventing implant? This idea has a potential to revolutionize the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. And the proof of concept was just published…

Link to Full Article: Best and Worst of Neuroscience and Neurology – March 2016

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