Big Data & Machine Learning In Foodservice: It’s Not The Destination

by Jason Felger, Food Genius
Posted: Monday, August 10, 2015 at 4:07PM EDT

What does ‘big data’ mean to the the food industry?

Good news: the term big data is being used more frequently by a broader audience, which indicates it’s becoming part of daily lexicon. Because of this, it’s time to reframe the conversation from “what is big data” to “why care”?

Big data is having an enormous impact in some industries and creeping into most. But we at Food Genius have shifted our narrative from big data to machine learning, because it’s machine learning that renders data powerful by turning it into relevant, valuable information.

There are a slew of implications when you apply machine learning to foodservice data, but — for too many — those opportunities are hard to see. One large reason for that is at its core, foodservice data is inherently unstructured. It’s as messy as an Italian kitchen at the end of the night. This isn’t an isolated problem but one rampant throughout the three tiers of the supply chain, which means you have unstructured data on top of unstructured data…compounding messiness, friggin’ spaghetti everywhere! To most it just appears to be a big problem.

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Source: Big Data & Machine Learning In Foodservice: It’s Not The Destination

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