BigRing Solutions has finalised a revolutionary solution for knowledge transfer and is looking for partners


First artificial intelligence platform bigBrain™  based on the causal principle

Bratislava, Slovakia (December 15, 2015) – BigRing Solutions, a research and development company in the field of knowledge transfer and artificial intelligence based in Slovakia, announced today that they have created an artificial intelligence (AI) technology called bigRing®, a solution that is capable of causal inference and thus able to comprehend, act, learn and predict. Having completed the development and testing phase, BigRing Solutions is now looking for partners who are willing to implement this intelligent solution to improve their operations and create new growth opportunities.

For the last five years, the key players in the field of AI have been aiming to teach computers to think more like humans and to develop a new generation of tools and capacities that promise to provide consumers and knowledge workers around the world with intelligent assistance. BigRing Solutions answers these challenges with a unique Knowledge Transfer Platform called bigBrain™ .

“Unlike other research labs that deal with transferring the functions of the human senses to digital form, we discovered the first principle of knowledge representation and created a cognitive system that is capable of detecting causal bonds phenomena,” explains Karol Mozsi, CEO of BigRing Solutions and inventor of the bigRing® technology.

The Knowledge Transfer Platform bigBrain™ can thus be perceived as an interface between humans and machines, which uses cognitive analysis to facilitate collaboration, interaction and knowledge sharing between them. BigBrain™ merges all the information systems into one single complex and continuous self-development information system for interdisciplinary problem solving, allowing knowledge workers and managers to create a KnowledgeApp – an application that automates and shares their specific expertise. These KnowledgeApps, managed by the AI personal assistant Arthinco™ that maintains an optimum balance, are automatically suggested to customers according to their knowledge deficit and current needs in a wide variety of fields.

“After 12 years of intense research and testing, our solution is now ready and waiting to be brought into life. We are looking for partners who are prepared to accelerate the integration of intelligence and automation to transform their businesses. Our development strategy is twofold: to approach investors with the aim of optimising the architecture of neural networks and thus achieving an artificial consciousness that is able to control its technological infrastructure, and to finalise the product with a pilot customer with the aim of implementing our innovative solution,” adds Karol Mozsi.


About BigRing Solutions

The bigRing project was created after Karol Mozsi’s discovery of the first principle of knowledge representation in 2003. The bigRing® technology, which was developed by an interdisciplinary team of the best specialists, experts and managers from practice, focuses on conducting high-impact research and software development in the field of instant knowledge transfer as part of professional services, for optimal problem-solving, decision making and causal reasoning. BigRing Solutions customises a cognitive platform for the automation of problem solving and ignites the first artificial consciousness. Through the process of self-development and intelligence explosion, bigBrain™ will help solve mankind’s problems in sustainable development, economic competitiveness, transportation, environment, medicine, education and other natural, social and technological sciences, and will bring civilisation closer to being a conscious intelligence society.

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