#BigRobotDebate: Robots could soon replace teachers

In fact, not only could they replace them, but they should and will. That’s the view of two top education technology experts, who’ll be at the OEB Debate in Berlin later this month to argue their case that substituting artificial intelligence for real teachers will boost quality and lead to better results. Robot teachers “never get ill, don’t forget much of what they are taught, operate 24/7 and can deliver from anywhere to anywhere there is an internet connection,” says Edtech entrepreneur Donald Clarke. “Unlike our brains, they don’t sleep for eight hours a day and, in a fatal objection to human frailty, neither get burnt out, retire nor die.” Together with his colleague, Christoph Benzmueller of Berlin’s Free University, Mr Clarke will propose the motion that “this House believes…

Link to Full Article: #BigRobotDebate: Robots could soon replace teachers

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