Bilingualism for a Healthy Brain

Posted May 13, 2016 by Emilie Reas in Uncategorized In an article originally published at Nautilus on May 13, 2016, community editor Emilie Reas discusses emerging research showing that bilingualism may prevent cognitive decline in old age and stave off dementia. Read the full post here. Parlez-vous francais? If you answered yes, then you’re well on your way to enjoying the many benefits of bilingualism. Speaking both English and French, for example, can enrich your cultural experiences in multilingual destinations like Belgium, Morocco, or Egypt, and broaden your access to books, music, and films. But the benefits of speaking another language aren’t limited to just cultural perks. “Studies have shown that bilingual individuals consistently outperform their monolingual counterparts on tasks involving executive control,” says Ellen Bialystok, a cognitive psychologist at York…

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