BioDynamics Workshop – Exeter on 7-9 September 2016.

We would like to invite you to the next BioDynamics Workshop, which will take place in Exeter on 7-9 September 2016. This will be the third in a series of international workshops designed to bring together biologists, mathematicians, clinicians, physicists, and computer scientists who are interested in dynamics and networks in the biological and medical sciences. BioDynamics 2016 promises to provide an exciting opportunity for scientists to present both methods and data in a multidisciplinary forum and hear how interdisciplinary collaborations can provide major conceptual advances in our understanding of complex biomedical systems. The University of Exeter is renowned for its interdisciplinary approaches to research, particularly the interface between mathematics, biology and medicine. It hosts the Wellcome Trust ISSF funded Biomedical Informatics Hub and Centre for Biomedical Modelling and Analysis. It…

Link to Full Article: BioDynamics Workshop – Exeter on 7-9 September 2016.

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