Blazing-Fast Real-Time Insights With Apache Spark

Blazing-Fast Real-Time Insights With Apache SparkMove Analysis, Not Data, To Deploy Real-Time Predictive Models Forrester Research surveyed 160 IT managers and 100 data scientists and analytics professionals to find out how enterprises are analyzing transactional and operational data to create predictive models and derive insights in real time. Read this white paper commissioned by IBM to find out how open source Apache Spark and in-place analytics make data scientists more productive. Learn about Forrester’s four key findings: Predictive models can positively influence the value of customer transactions Transactional data is critical to create accurate, timely predictive models IT managers don’t use the fastest tech in town Enterprises should let data gravity govern analytical processing Please fill out the form below to download now. (PDF | 11 Pages | 477 KB) The JavaScript is not enabled! The…

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