BMW: ‘Supercomputers, AI and 5G crucial to make self-driving real’

The architect of BMW’s autonomous car strategy, Elmar Frickenstein, has said that supercomputers, 100pc 5G connectivity and artificial intelligence will be needed to make self-driving cars a worldwide reality by 2021. Frickenstein, who is senior vice president of electrics/electronics and driver environment at BMW, told the Web Summit in Lisbon that the world has already had 100 years of people driving themselves – now is the time for the machines to do the work. “Autonomous driving is definitely coming at BMW – we are working to have fully automated driving by 2021.” He said that while there are many self-driving car prototypes, for truly safe autonomous conditions to exist, there are still a lot of things that need to come together. “We need higher performance supercomputing, we need more artificial intelligence and…

Link to Full Article: BMW: ‘Supercomputers, AI and 5G crucial to make self-driving real’

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