Bomberman – How to keep path safe?

Hello! Recently I started programming a bomberman-clone game in Java. I’ve got all stuff working, except enemy AI. What I am currently trying to achieve, is(assuming my terrain is grid-based(just like in bomberman game)) : if the enemy is standing on a tile which is not safe(there’s some bomb nearby which will explode and kill the enemy), find the closest safe tile, find the safe path to that tile(if there’s no safe path, find another closest tile and another safe path..). And finally, get to that tile.   The biggest problem is keeping the path safe.  (Everytime, when player places a bomb, all tiles which are going to be hit by an explosion are marked as “unsafe”) Here’s what my bot does right now(pseudo code): void update() { // being…

Link to Full Article: Bomberman – How to keep path safe?

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