’s Gillian Tans: ‘AI is the future of travel’

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are transforming as it accelerates its competition against Airbnb, said co-founder Gillian Tans. Not many people are aware that after Amazon and Alibaba, the third largest e-commerce site on the internet is Another little known fact is that the company, which employs 14,000 people, is emerging as a competitor to Airbnb in providing apartments, houses and villas to those who wish to shun hotels for more authentic experiences. ‘We are investing in bots and we are testing with a booking assistant that can give customers the best possible experience and take friction out of the process. That is the key’– GILLIAN TANS Out of 24m properties on, some 7m are alternative properties, explained co-founder Gillian Tans who spoke to at the…

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