Booting Up: What’s in store in `16

Expect 2016 to be the year that machine learning becomes a startup industry staple, the greeting card business gets disrupted and hacks hit a surprising sector. Those are just some of my top five predictions for the new year: 5. Cambridge greeting card startup LovePop will help change the way we view established, 
archaic retail sectors. The 3-D pop-up card-maker follows on the heels of another retail disrupter, the upscale eyeglass-maker Warby Parker. Parker has proven how the authenticity-craving generation of millennials will pounce on certain innovations, enabling the disruption of longstanding fixtures of retail. In a sense, LovePop is to greeting cards as Parker is to eyewear. LovePop’s kiosk-driven model will simultaneously pave the way for a new generation of independently owned retail shops with nimble brick-and-mortar 
locations that…

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