Bosch Putting Brains Behind Autonomous Driving

Bosch AI onboard computer to guide autonomous cars through complex traffic situations, constantly learn new ones. BOXBERG, Germany – Robert Bosch recently sold its 10 millionth radar unit, a fundamental ingredient of autonomous and advanced driver-assistance systems, but that represents just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the global supplier’s ambitions for self-driving cars. Harald Kröger, president-Automotive Electronics, says the supplier intends to be a leader in the segment by creating a brain for autonomous vehicles capable of collecting and processing, in a split second, three times the information as the human brain through the use of artificial intelligence and deep learning. “A car equipped with artificial intelligence will not only react faster than any human, but also drive more defensively,” Kröger says during remarks here ahead of a deep dive into the global supplier’s vast automotive product portfolio that includes a growing suite of ADAS and autonomous technology. “It makes the roads in our urban areas safer – for pedestrians, cyclists, and, not least, for the occupants of vehicles. Our development goal is clear: Bosch wants to make cars smart,” he says. Bosch is not alone. AlixPartners, a global consultancy, says more than 50 big-name companies…

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