Brain Monitoring with Kafka, OpenTSDB, and Grafana

July 14th, 2016 Here at SVDS, we’re a brainy bunch. So we were excited when Confluent announced their inaugural Kafka Hackathon. It was a great opportunity to take our passion for data science and engineering, and apply it to neuroscience. We wondered, “Wouldn’t it be cool to monitor our brain wave activity? And process those signals to control devices like home appliances, light switches, TV’s, and drones?“ We didn’t end up having enough time to implement mind control of any IoT devices during the 2-hour hackathon. However, we did win 2nd place with our project: streaming brainwave EEG data through Kafka’s new Streams API, storing the data on OpenTSDB with Kafka’s Connect API, and finally visualizing the time series with Grafana. In this post, we’ll give a quick overview of…

Link to Full Article: Brain Monitoring with Kafka, OpenTSDB, and Grafana

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