Brainpower is so yesterday — leave it to AI

Smart people are starting to worry about the brainpower of machines. A recent report from Harvard said the emergence of artificial intelligence as a weapon poses as much game-changing potential as the airplane and the nuclear bomb. They worry it could give small countries and terrorists the long-range strike capability of a superpower, the ability to crash our cyber systems and create a channel for fake news that would overwhelm our understanding of what’s real and what’s not. Elon Musk, the Tesla/Hyperloop/SpaceX dude prone to the grandiose, thinks unchecked artificial intelligence could become an existential threat to mankind. If we’re not careful, he warns, we’ll end up in a world where humans answer to machines and not the other way around. Last week, he qualified remarks that regulators should never let the AI genie out of its bottle, but he frets nonetheless. A report released in May calculated that more than half the jobs in the Kansas City area could be automated — a pace quickened as much by artificial intelligence as by robotics — in less than 20 years. That fits in with a growing range of predictions that the world of work will change more in the next…

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