Brendan Frey wins Invention of the Year award

Combining more than a decade of expertise in both machine learning technology and genomic science, U of T Engineering Professor Brendan Frey (ECE) aims to change the field of genomic medicine. He received an Invention of the Year award at U of T Celebrates Innovation, an awards ceremony hosted Tuesday, May 17 in Simcoe Hall. “The University of Toronto’s long history and acclaimed reputation as an institution of higher learning and research is well known,” said University of Toronto President Meric Gertler. “But less well known is our role as a leading innovation and start-up powerhouse.” The awards are designed to recognize commercialization of technology that stands to effect real social change. Frey and his co-inventors, Drs. Babak Alipanahi and Andrew Delong, combined artificial intelligence and genomic medicine to create DeepBind, the first-ever…

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