Bridging the Gender Gap in Oil and Gas

The rigidity of the oil and gas industry makes it difficult for women to participate. By Abby JohnstonJuly 29, 2017 A recent report by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) explores an untapped reserve that the oil and gas industry has slept on for years: women. As the Houston Chronicle reported, the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that women represent only 14.5 percent of the workforce in oil and gas. For scale, in technology—which is famously hostile to women—25.5 percent of the industry is female. According to the report—which was done in conjunction with the World Petroleum Council and will be updated every three years to coincide with the World Petroleum Congress—the paltry number of women in the industry are “disproportionately in office jobs; they have a very limited presence both in technical roles, which are often considered prerequisites for career advancement, and in upper management.” BCG says that the lack of gender diversity manifests in three main ways: a smaller pool of qualified candidates to draw from; the teamwork, creative problem solving, and perspective that women exhibit in higher percentages; and the lowered credibility associated with few women in senior leadership roles (there’s a steep drop between the percentage of women in middle-management…

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