Brytecore Releases Revolutionary Real Estate Lead Conversion Technology

ATLANTA, Aug. 4, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Brytecore today unveiled its groundbreaking new lead conversion technology – Brytescore – aimed directly at real estate professionals. This exciting new technology brings behavioral data insight that identifies the right prospects and exactly the right moment of contact, enabling brokers and agents to double their internet lead conversion rate.

“Our technology empowers agents and brokers to turn prospects into closings with greater predictability,” said Eddie Krebs, Brytecore co-founder and CEO, when introducing Brytescore at the Inman Connect conference in San Francisco.

Brytecore’s extensive research of broker internet leads has found home buyers begin their real estate search an average of 450 days in advance of their eventual purchase. 36.5% of those internet leads bought a home, and 35% of those buyers also sold their existing home.

“Most companies convert less than 1% of their internet leads,” said Krebs. “Brytescore helps companies capture those lost opportunities.”

With Brytescore, brokers and agents are provided with real-time observations of who is shopping for real estate, what motivates their decisions, and when they are ready to engage an agent. This is accomplished through Brytescore’s unique combination of user behavior profiling and predictive lead analysis using machine learning algorithms. Plus, implementation of this API into any website is quick and efficient, producing results almost immediately.

“There is a tremendous amount of wasted effort due to missed timing,” explained Krebs. “When an agent reaches out, in many cases the buyer is not ready for a conversation. With machine learning trained by profiles of closed leads, our Brytescore technology can connect the agent to the buyer at the precise moment.”

The Brytescore user experience is elegantly simple to navigate and enjoyable. When creating the Brytescore API, Brytecore concentrated on providing an intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard full of useful tools and features. Being able to track a visitor’s movements through the real estate process and connecting with them at the right time is easy to accomplish through the software, so that real estate companies and their associates can concentrate on their specialty – selling real estate.


Brytecore engineers have been developing real estate technology in large brokerages for nearly a decade. Their unique blend of technology expertise and real estate insider experience has allowed Brytecore to create a variety of digital marketing platforms that perfectly target the needs of today’s real estate companies, agents and teams.

For more information about Brytecore, visit or call (844) GO-BRYTE.

Eddie Krebs
844.462.7983 x700

Source: Brytecore Releases Revolutionary Real Estate Lead Conversion Technology

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