Business Intelligence Airbnb Uses Artificial Intelligence (AI)

July 12, 2017   //   Business Intelligenceartificial intelligence, machine learning We’re living in an age of great disruption, and we’re seeing it play out all around us. While large hotel chains like Hyatt and Wyndham were tinkering with reservation apps, Airbnb disrupted the entire industry in just a few years with a simple idea paired with the right technology and approach. And even after they earned their spot as the world’s largest accommodations provider, this savvy startup continues to fend off competitive threats by continuously looking for new ways to differentiate through technology. How Airbnb Uses AI to Remain on Top In a recent article, Airbnb’s VP describes how Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become the leading technology that is providing measurable and impactful ROI to their business. Here are some of the ways in which Airbnb is leveraging AI and Machine Learning to optimize matches between hosts and guests – a key point of competitive differentiation that has made it possible for them to remain the fastest-growing hotelier rival. Predictive Search: Providing search results that are tailored to the customer and the host of the property. Predictive Pricing: Dynamically suggesting pricing to hosts that will lead to more placements rather than pricing reactively. Customer Profiling: Collecting 100 or more key attributes about their customers that feed the models that they’ve built. By leveraging AI and Machine Learning, Airbnb is able to ensure customers find the…

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