Call for Reproducibility Workflows

BIDS fellows Cyrus Dioun and Garret Christensen are seeking reproducibility workflows from social scientists throughout academia.  In recent years, the failure to reproduce the results of some of the social sciences’ most high profile studies (Reinhart and Rogoff 2010; LaCour and Green 2014) has created a crisis of confidence. From the adoption of austerity measures in Europe to retractions by Science and This American Life, these errors and, in some cases, fabrications, have had major consequences. It seems that The Royal Society’s 453 year old motto, “Nullius in verba” (or “take no one’s word for it”) is still relevant today. Social scientists who use computational methods are well positioned to “show their work” and pioneer new standards of transparency and reproducibility. Reproducibility is the ability for a second investigator to recreate the finished results of…

Link to Full Article: Call for Reproducibility Workflows

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