Calling all AI experts

This is a guest post by Comcast Executive Director of Product Jeanine Heck. Next month, Comcast will host PHLAI, a technical conference for engineers and professionals interested in and working with machine learning and artificial intelligence. We’ll bring together local practitioners in A.I. and machine learning to discuss past experiences and common technological goals aimed at making people’s lives better. Attendees will learn about new ideas and best practices from experts in the field and hear about the latest developments in machine learning and artificial intelligence. As an example, I was fortunate to be part of the team here at Comcast that used A.I. to launch our Xfinity X1 voice remote. That device has changed the way people watch television, and to date we’ve deployed more than 14 million of them in homes all across our service area — from San Francisco to Philadelphia. And it keeps getting smarter, faster and more accurate every day, all thanks to machine learning. The PHLAI conference will take place on Tuesday, Aug. 15 at Convene Cira Centre in Philadelphia. Featured speakers will include: Chris Satchell, Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer at Comcast Cable Dave Ward, Senior Vice President, CTO of Engineering and Chief Architect…

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