Can an AI app help you shop? Macy’s gives it a try.

With smartphones a nearly ubiquitous presence in modern daily life, there are dozens of apps that allow users to shop smarter and faster than ever before. Now, shopping giant Macy’s has announced a partnership with IBM Watson via the intelligent engagement platform Satisfi, use artificial intelligence to solve common shopper woes.Macy’s announced the partnership on Wednesday. The pilot program, “Macy’s on Call,” allows customers to ask questions about the store’s stock and receive personalized answers. “We really want to allow the customer to self-service these basic questions,” Macy’s vice president for digital media strategy, Serena Potter, told The Washington Post. “And that will allow our knowledgeable sales associates to focus on higher-value activities and requests.”Macy’s anticipates pilot program users asking the app questions like, “Where is the bathroom?” or “Where is…

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