Can Artificial Intelligence Brew Better Beer?

Facebook’s recently introduced chat bots have already been utilized to help users order Whoppers and fries — and now, they’re even assisting in the beer-brewing process, CNET reports. London-based company IntelligentX is utilizing said chat bots, along with artificial intelligence, to make its beers taste better. After tasting one of four beers — Amber AI, Black AI, Golden AI, or Pale AI — consumers then give feedback to a Facebook chat bot. The drinkers’ evaluations are then run through an algorithm (appropriately called ABI, or Artificial Beer Intelligence), which turns them into suggestions on how the brewers can improve the next batch of beer. “In turn, using reinforcement learning and something called bayesian decision making, the AI will learn from experience when a tweak is successful,” CNET explains. “As the…

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