Can DeepMind Beat StarCraft II?

DeepMind will soon be able to participate in the yearly StarCraft tournament. After Google announced the partnership with Blizzard and its intention of testing the DeepMind engine against a real-time environment, everybody’s  wondering about the following issue: can DeepMind beat StarCraft II? In an attempt to extend the capabilities of DeepMind, the wunderkind of Artificial Intelligence, Google has recently announced a most unusual experiment involving one the most celebrated real-time strategy game in history. After beating several human opponents in turn-based strategy games such as Go and Chess, DeepMind’s architects have decided that the deep-learning engine is ready to take on a new challenge. And so, on the 4th of November, during the Anaheim tech convention in California, Google DeepMind and Blizzard have announced their joint business venture. How does…

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