Can Google’s DeepMind AI Win In ‘StarCraft II’ Tournament?

The Google logo is displayed at the Google headquarters in Mountain View, California. Credit:Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images Blizzard and Google are inviting developers to experiment with artificial intelligence in the game “StarCraft II.” “StarCraft II” Challenge According to VentureBeat, Google and Blizzard announced their collaboration at the BlizzCon fan event in Anaheim, California, on Friday, Nov. 4. Google’s DeepMind AI division explains the partnership on a blog post that clarifies why “StarCraft II” has been chosen for machine-learning research. Google’s blog post states that “StarCraft” provides a useful bridge to the real-world, making an interesting testing environment for current AI research. The skills required for an AI system to play “StarCraft” could transfer to real-world tasks. The game requires players to learn information and act on the information learned over a…

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