Cardiotrack is leveraging IoT & Artificial Intelligence for cardiac care

Cardiotrack, a Bangalore based startup, is leveraging Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) algorithms to capture ECG signal and provide diagnose heart health problems at primary healthcare centers.Cardiotrack’s m-Health platform allows primary care physicians to view ECG data, store patient records for easy retrieval and send the information for secure storage in the cloud.“At present heart health diagnosis happens only at hospitals or large clinics, it doesn’t happen at the primary healthcare centers and these centers are often not affordable or accessible” Ashim Roy, Co-Founder & CEO, Cardiotrack said. Hence, this health-tech startup is trying to bridge this healthcare gap through IT prospective. “Our mission is to significantly reduce the cost of diagnosis through technology and innovation”. The hand-held IoT device provides a complete 12-lead ECG scan of a patient. The monitor connects to an ECG cable. Doctor connects the electrodes of the ECG cable with the patient’s body. Once the electrical signals are captured on the IoT device, the information is transferred to an application installed on an Android phone via Bluetooth. The ECG signal can easily be sent from the Android device to a cardiologist or sent to AI engine for interpretation.The information…

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