Carnegie Mellon Gets M to Study AI Ethics

Carnegie Mellon University announced on Wednesday that K&L Gates, an international law firm, gifted a cool $10 million “to study ethical issues posed by artificial intelligence.” CMU adds its name to the list of institutions dedicating resources to these new, untethered computational capabilities: A.I.s are already acting as independent agents, and as such must be programmed with rigorous ethical codes. In the 1950s, CMU was one of three institutions that, together, pioneered and developed nascent A.I.s, so it’s well-situated to once again explore the emerging questions. “The funds will support new faculty chairs as well as three new Presidential Fellowships for doctoral students,” a CMU spokesperson tells Inverse. CMU will also hold a conference on A.I. ethics every other year. The funds will also support “the K&L Gates Presidential Scholarship…

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