Carnegie Mellon researcher helps Coast Guard with hoax calls

Updated 3 hours ago Your voice betrays much more information than you think. From something as simple as the sound of your breath, Rita Singh, a researcher at Carnegie Mellon University’s Language Technologies Institute , can pull information about what you look like and the room from where you are calling. “Every person’s voice is unique, just like your fingerprint and DNA, so we are on our way to converting voice to kind of like a barcode to identify every human,” said Singh, who has been studying voice for decades. “Basically, we are trying to sketch the entire persona of a human and their environment.” Before you gasp, think about it, Singh said. How many times do you formulate a picture in your mind of a person you are talking to on the phone who you’ve never seen in real life? And it’s easy to tell the difference between a phone call from the car, a room in a house, a large cathedral or, god forbid, a bathroom, right? Singh said we hear and pick up on a lot of the information already present in a person’s voice. Her software uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to take it a…

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