Chatter bots are here to help you

Comments Print Loren King for the Boston Globe By Michael Andor Brodeur Globe Correspondent  April 22, 2016 If you’re anything like me (or the other two-thirds of Americans who own a smartphone), your once-pristine touchscreen has gradually grown into a graveyard of untapped apps – a field of forgotten icons, jealously languishing next to the three or four apps you actually use. And if you’re anything like 2.5 billion other people around the world, one of those trusty standbys is a messaging app. These are perfect conditions for a bot takeover. Don’t get scared, the bots in question aren’t the kind that rudely rise up against their makers (looking at you, HAL). These are chatbots, and they’re here to help — reminding you to do your yoga, sending flowers to your…

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