Check out MIT’s Human-Machine Hybrid for Cybersecurity

A group of MIT researchers has sketched out a way to address a gap in cybersecurity that exists between human and machine. Human-made rules, which are meant to alert the system of an attack, don’t work unless an attack exactly matches one of those rules. Machine-learning measures typically rely on anomaly detection. Consequently, false alarms aren’t uncommon and the system starts to distrust itself. Combine these two forces – man and machine – and that’s when magic can happen, according to a group of researchers out of MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL). In a paper they published, they suggest a new method to detect cyberattacks using artificial intelligence with constant input from security experts. According their testing, this process can pinpoint 85 percent of cyberattacks and cut…

Link to Full Article: Check out MIT’s Human-Machine Hybrid for Cybersecurity

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