China launches grand plan to become world leader in AI by 2030

China’s chief administrative authority is pushing for the country to become a world leader in Artificial Intelligence technology in less than 15 yearse. The State Council of the People’s Republic of China laid out its plans in a “New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan” published late last week that envisions an AI industry worth $148 billion a year by 2030. In order to reach that goal, the State Council has laid out a three-step plan. Step one is to ensure China’s AI industry maintains an advanced position in terms of technology and applications, and becomes an important growth engine for the economy, worth $22.15 billion by 2020. Step two will see China’s AI industry make “major breakthroughs” and develop world-leading technologies and applications by 2025, while driving revenues of $59.07 billion. Finally, step three is intended to see China become the world’s undisputed leader in AI theory, technology and applications by 2030, as well as a global center of innovation. By that time, China also hopes, the industry will achieve its $148 billion-a-year revenue target. China’s State Council said it will support the creation of new companies and brands in areas such as drones, image recognition and natural language processing. Other target…

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