China may be leading in developing artificial intelligence

The earlier date conflicted with Chinese New Year. 2017 could be the year that China is able to solidify its lead in Artificial Intelligence (AI) according to a Technode article. There are still top-level AI experts from North America and the U.K. and other countries but over 40 percent of leading AI research papers globally are published in Chinese. The Chinese experts have the advantage of speaking both English and Chinese giving them access to a much wider pool of research. This language asymmetry may be part of the reason that the Chinese are coming to dominate the field. Many North American and European researchers simply cannot read the Chinese papers. However, the Chinese government has also helped the AI field grow by increased spending on AI as Technode reports: Moreover, Chinese government’s full support and investment has been the major fuel for the growth of the field. The government spending on science and technology research doubled its digits every year for the past decade, as outlined by the 2015-2020 Five-Year Plan. According to the plan, which contains little concrete details on the exact numbers and measures but a long list of priorities instead, Beijing promises to increase its R&D…

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