China Wants To Become Leader In Artificial Intelligence, Somehow

The Chinese government means to become a major leader in the world of artificial intelligence, via a massive investment in the sector. What The State Council, which disclosed the initiative, did not note is that it is up against U.S. based tech giants like Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) and Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT). It also has to compete with R&D by the U.S. government and America’s largest universities. The goal, based on those hurdles, is out of reach. In an announcement, the People’s Republic disclosed: The State Council has issued a guideline on developing artificial intelligence (AI), setting a goal of becoming a global innovation center in this field by 2030.The total output value of artificial intelligence industries should surpass 1 trillion yuan ($147.80 billion). A mature theory and technology system should be formed.Developing AI is a “complicated and systematic project” according to the guideline. An open and coordinated AI innovation system should be constructed to develop not only the technology but also products and market.AI in China should be used to promote the country’s technology, economy, social welfare, maintain national security, and contribute to the world.Breakthroughs should be made in basic theories of AI, such as big data intelligence, multimedia aware computing,…

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