China wants to build 0 billion AI industry

China Photos/Getty Image Related content HONG KONG (CNNMoney) – In China, cutting-edge innovation often comes with orderly, numbers-heavy government mandates. Artificial intelligence is no exception. Beijing laid out a timeline on Friday for when it expects the country to become a global leader in the frontier technology. By 2020, China’s AI technologies and research facilities will match other leading countries, said Li Meng, the vice minister of science and technology. Five years later, he expects “a big breakthrough,” and then China should finally become the global “innovation center for AI” by 2030. The remarks at a press conference expand on a policy statement released by China’s State Council on Thursday, which set out goals to build a domestic artificial intelligence industry worth nearly $150 billion in the next few years. The plan signals China’s desire to lead in an area that is growing rapidly. Artificial intelligence is already replacing warehouse workers with robots, operating driverless cars, and could even substitute doctors with computers in the future. University of Cambridge researchers are using it to figure out whether sheep are in pain. Artificial intelligence is the new frontier for many global tech leaders, with everybody from Google parent Alphabet to Tesla…

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