China’s Aim Is To Become Global Leader In Artificial Intelligence By 2030

The government of China has announced that its aim is to become world’s leader in AI in next ten years. The government would support and invest in Chinese companies aiming to grow AI industry by developing self-driving cars, visual dictionaries, and facial- and speech-recognition software As per a cabinet statement on Thursday, Artificial Intelligence is considered essential by Communist leaders to make China economic Super Power. To ensure breakthroughs by 2025 developing talents, research and educational resources are necessary; this would enable China to become the world leader by 2030. Must read: World’s first unhackable computer to be launched by China Communist leaders hope to change China from a land of factory and farmer labors into a technology tycoon. There are fields that are emerging and gaining popularity like renewable energy, robotics, and electric cars along with AI. China wants to lead in these fields. Tencent Ltd., Baidu Inc., Didi, and Alibaba are three Chinese companies that are investing heavily on AI specifically in driverless cars, consumer finance, e-commerce, and similar other applications. In order to cope with increasing demand for labor Manufacturers also are installing robots and other automation to cope with rising labor costs and improve efficiency. Financial…

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