Chow-obsessed AI suggests recipes to match food photos

It’s a good thing artificial intelligence systems can’t get hangry. Researchers at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory have developed an AI system with a million recipes at its fingertips. The neural network, dubbed Pic2Recipe, suggests recipes based on looking at and analyzing photos of food. The recipes and images database it pulls from is called Recipe1M. The data comes from a variety of popular cooking websites, including and Kraft Recipes. The researchers, who have published a study on the AI’s abilities, call it “the largest publicly available collection of recipe data.””In computer vision, food is mostly neglected because we don’t have the large-scale datasets needed to make predictions,” co-author Yusuf Aytar said in a news release Thursday. “But seemingly useless photos on social media can actually provide valuable insight into health habits and dietary preferences.”  That means your endless Instagram snaps of your meals could come in handy for scientists.You can try out the AI system through an online demo. I uploaded a generic photo of a pizza covered in toppings to Pic2Recipe. It analyzed the photo and then suggested five possible recipes ranging from California bacon-ranch pizza to roasted-vegetable pizza. If you click on a recipe, it gives…

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