Clarifai, Machine Learning, and Your Photos

by Angela Guess Mark Bergen reports in Re/code, “Clarifai is an artificial intelligence startup with $10 million in the bank and a small cadre of well-trained researchers. Its main schtick is an API that combs through loads of visual and video data, then packages it up neatly. Its clients include Unilever, video site Vimeo and BuzzFeed. But on Wednesday, the startup is putting out its first consumer product: An app, called Forevery, that stores your photos then uses machine learning to organize them with granular detail. It automatically generates tags, mining from a database of some 11,000 terms both concrete (tree, dogs, cake) and quite abstract (idyllic, togetherness, love).” Bergen goes on, “Sound familiar? It should. That’s a lot like Google Photos, which the search giant rolled out in May…

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