Classics in Neuroscience

In 2013, ACS Chemical Neuroscience initiated the “Classics in Chemical Neuroscience” review series. Each review in this unique installment describes a significant pharmacological advance in CNS-related disorders, detailing the development, chemistry, and mechanism of action of CNS agents. The drugs highlighted in this virtual issue – methylphenidate, Prozac, clozapine, levodopa, and valium – are considered “classics” because of their important contributions to the fields of drug discovery and development as well as their advancement of our understanding of crucial targets within the central nervous system. The reviews highlighted in “Classics in Chemical Neuroscience” have shown to be invaluable resources for teaching and research. ACS Chemical Neuroscience encourages the continued submission of high-quality review articles to this virtual installment. If you feel so inclined, please email me with the CNS agent…

Link to Full Article: Classics in Neuroscience

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