Clinical Research Associate (Dementia neuroscience and imaging)

Professor James Rowe is looking for a Clinical Research Fellow (Clinical Research Associate) to lead a study on how the pathology of Frontotemporal dementia and related disorders leads to cognitive and behavioural change. The study builds on and extends the successful PiPPIN study of frontotemporal dementia and related disorders in the East of England. You will maintain the PiPPIN study cohort, and implement a program of experimental studies that combine Tau imaging (PET) neurochemical spectroscopy (MRS) and support drug-studies to restore physiology (MEG), in patients affected by frontotemporal dementia.The project will develop your skills in cognitive neurology, movement disorders and brain imaging, as part of a dynamic cross-disciplinary research team. Professional development would be supported through the internationally renowned Cambridge Memory Clinics, departmental post graduate programs and the Biomedical Research…

Link to Full Article: Clinical Research Associate (Dementia neuroscience and imaging)

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